‘Batgirl’ directors rap an Oscars congrats to their onetime co-star Brendan Fraser

L-R: Fallah, El Arbi on ‘Ms. Marvel’ set — Marvel Studios

(NOTE LANGUAGE) Filmmakers Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, who directed new Oscar winner Brendan Fraser in the eventually shelved Warner Bros. Batgirl film, are all smiles in a cute video in which they rap their congratulations to the star.

The pair explained the video they just posted to social media was the same one they sent to Fraser “just after” he won this year’s Best Actor trophy for his performance in The Whale.

With El Arbi beatboxing, Fallah did the rapping: “Since we were little kids/ We thought you were the sh**/ Then we made Batgirl together, couldn’t believe it.”

“I hope we make another movie back together/ Because we always say Brendan Fraser forever!” they conclude.

“So happy for my bro!!” Fallah captioned the post, adding, “And I know my rap sucks.”

As reported, Fraser was to play the pyromaniac baddie Firefly in the film, which was scrapped after it was shot, reportedly for budgetary reasons. All involved were shocked by the announcement, with Fraser telling Variety the decision was “tragic.”

“The fans really wanted to see this film made,” he said, calling lead Leslie Grace, who played Batgirl/Barbara Gordon, “a dynamo.”

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