Quinta Brunson schools woman who claimed she isn’t qualified to speak on public education


Quinta Brunson, the Emmy-winning creator of ABC’s hit sitcom Abbot Elementary, has schooled an online sniper who implied Quinta isn’t qualified to speak about public education.

“I’ll share it again. The creator, lead writer and co-producer of [Abbott Elementary] @quintabrunson is from West Philly and attended charter schools her entire education,” tweeted Jeanne Allen, the CEO of an organization called Center for Education Reform.

“She reportedly loved it at the time, heaped praise on it. Once upon a time. Guess money talks,” she noted.

Brunson, who plays a public school teacher in the show, which deals with funding and other issues affecting young Americans’ education, clapped back, “You’re wrong and bad at research. I only attended a charter for high school. My public elementary school was transitioned to charter over a decade after I left.”

She added, “I did love my high school. That school is now defunct- which happens to charters often.”

Cheekily, Brunson also added, “Loving something doesn’t mean it can’t be critiqued. Thanks for watching the show :).”

Quinta’s lesson got more than 32,000 likes and counting, but that didn’t stop Allen, who didn’t admit she was incorrect, saying instead the show creator “quibbled with the facts.”

Brunson’s fans had a field day, with one opining, “Corrected your inaccurate and misleading statements = ‘Quibbled with the facts’? You’re kind of embarrassing yourself here. You should stop.”

Another offered, “Please stop using this woman for clout. You’ve been proven wrong. Go ask for a manager or call the cops or whatever else you do for fun.”

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