The laughs of us: Pedro Pascal shares blooper as a thank you following HBO hit’s finale

HBO/Liane Hentscher

HBO Max’s hit video game adaptation The Last of Us wrapped up Sunday night, and after the tense season ender, Pedro Pascal was in the mood for a laugh.

Actually, it seems he was already there before the show even premiered. To his Instagram, Pascal shared a series of funny behind-the-scenes shots, including pics of him and co-star Bella Ramsey laughing hysterically, and a blooper from a scene with her.

The latter has Pascal’s Joel trying to encourage Ramsey’s Ellie on their arduous post-apocalyptic hike through the United States. But as Joel pontificates, Pedro apparently loses his train of thought and runs out of things to say — and then doubles over laughing.

One commenter suggested it was like a famous scene from The Office, when Steve Carell‘s Michael Scott confusingly attempts to explain his managerial prowess.

Pascal said of the clip, “Beldro on the hill,” using the nickname people have given their two characters.

The actor added, “To #TheLastofUs cast, creators, and crew. I would stay alive for any of you. Apocalypse level gratitude.”

Just as Pedro says in the clip, he and Ramsey will indeed “keep going” … into a second season.

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