‘The Bachelor’ recap: A broken promise leaves Zach’s relationships in jeopardy

ABC/Craig Sjodin

It was fantasy suites week on Monday’s episode of The Bachelor and Zach, despite setting firm parameters on intimacy, found his relationships on shaky ground.

Zach made an agreement with each of the remaining ladies ahead of their overnight dates, that they would avoid being intimate with each other so they could better focus on the important questions that needed to be addressed before making a lifetime commitment.

Zach stuck to the plan during his first overnight with Ariel, but when it came to Gabi, temptation got the better of him and ended up going back on his word.

Left with a guilty conscience, Zach decided that, in fairness to the others, he had to come clean with the other women about what happened between him and Gabi. Zach’s plan to be transparent with the others didn’t sit well with her, suggesting that it was a private moment that should be kept between them. She ended up supporting his decision, but in a confessional revealed that she felt “blindsided,” adding, “my trust has been broken.”

Needless to say, when he laid the bombshell on Kaity to start off their date she was “crushed” and seriously considered not showing up for the second half. She ultimately decided to try and move forward and spent the night with Zach in the fantasy suite.

At the rose ceremony, Ariel was sent home, though Gabi and Kaity were both left with serious questions that needed to be answered before accepting a proposal from Zach.

The Bachelor returns with its season 26 finale Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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