Pete Davidson talks about sizable dating history and … other things in Jon Bernthal’s podcast


(NOTE LANGUAGE) Pete Davidson isn’t on social media, but he doesn’t have to be to know his celebrity dating history is everyday news.

That said, he finds the attention over it “confusing,” according to a conversation he just had with Jon Bernthal on The Punisher actor’s interview show, Real Ones.

“I’m the first person to laugh at myself,” Davidson says, noting being self-deprecating made him feel “like Teflon.” He explained, “And when you do that, it opens yourself up to the crowd … My favorite stand-ups do that, [Bill] Burr, [Dave] Chappelle, Eddie [Murphy].”

That said, “Because of the way my career turned out … It just turned on me,” he said. “I don’t wanna not be open, but now … I’m trying to share when it feels appropriate.”

He also said it was not “that crazy” he’d dated a rumored 12 women in 10 years, including ex-fiancée Ariana Grande, Kate Beckinsale and, of course, Kim Kardashian.

He also noted, “I’m very grateful. I wouldn’t change a single f****** decision I’ve made, because I love the lessons I was taught.”

Davidson got also deep, speaking about his mental health struggles, dealing with PTSD from losing his fireman father on 9/11 and his long history of self-harm. But as Bernthal’s interviews usually do, the conversation ran the gamut, also touching on the oft-rumored and now seemingly confirmed size of Pete’s … assets.

In one segment, Pete talked about having to wear a stunt harness on his crotch and being afraid he wouldn’t fit. Incidentally, the stunt guy was a veteran of The Punisher and tried to assure him, to put this as cleanly as possible, that if it fit Bernthal, it would fit.

To the stuntman’s surprise, it didn’t fit, Pete explained, leaving Bernthal in hysterics.

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