On his podcast, Justin Long reveals he’s engaged to Kate Bosworth

Lionel Hahn/Getty Images

In the new episode of his podcast Life is Short with Justin Long on Tuesday, the actor, known for his roles in the recent hit Barbarian and the classic Galaxy Quest, had a very special guest: his now-fiancée, Kate Bosworth.

He and his Straw Dogs star partner discussed why they decided to share the news about their engagement on the podcast.

“I think we’re both deciding to share this in this space because we’re probably gonna be asked about it and we thought, ‘Well, how can we talk about this in a way that makes us feel the best,'” Bosworth said. “And we thought, ‘Oh, I’d really like to just talk about it with you.'”

Long said he had unexpectedly popped the question before the special proposal that he had planned for Bosworth around her birthday. Bosworth explained that Long had talked about spending the rest of their lives together while speaking to a therapist after having gone through “this really hard thing” together.

“We were trying to move through things at the time and she gave us a really great piece of advice, which was: Make sure that you’re pretty consistently asking the other [for] what you need, or asking the other what they need,” Bosworth recalled.

She continued, “I remember, I smiled at you and I said, ‘What do you need?’ And he, like, really looked at me and said, ‘To spend my life with you.'”

“And I smiled and I said, ‘Well, yeah, you have that. Oh my gosh, you have that,'” Bosworth added. “And he said, ‘No, I mean I really want to spend my life with you.'”

When Long did officially pop the question, he described, “It was the easiest. The words just came out, like, so naturally.”

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