‘Dave’ is back: Long-awaited third season returns on Wednesday

ABC/Randy Holmes

It’s time for more adventures with Lil Dicky and friends: the FXX comedy Dave is back Wednesday for season 3.

This season picks up where last season left off, with the gang out on tour — perfect for star and creator Dave Burd aka Lil Dicky. He tells ABC Audio what excited him most was being in different cities in the first episodes and having “all these different types of themes and short film vibes all around every single time, all while certainly having a cohesive story together throughout the season.”

It’s a life he and Davionte “GaTa” Ganter — Dicky’s real-life hype man — know well.

“Before any of the show, me and GaTa were touring musicians,” he explains. “Those experiences being so incredible, and interesting and enlightening … was such a light bulb moment in my brain to be like, ‘This is a TV show,’ you know?”

Season 2 premiered back in June 2021, and Burd shares why so much time passed between seasons: “I’m still just as active as a musician as ever … I have to be able to make my album, I have to be able to work on my music career.”

Besides, says Burd, “The idea of making a show about my life becomes almost false if you’re not living a life.”

Despite the show’s success, Burd says only about one in 10 people call him Dave rather than Dicky. But he notes, “Before the show, it was zero in 10 people. As much as that is my rap name, I don’t relate to being called [Lil Dicky] the same way I would be called Dave.” 

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