‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ takes her final bow: Creators dish on fifth and final season

Philippe Antonello/Prime Video

Mrs. Maisel is ready for her curtain call. The Emmy-winning Amazon Prime Video comedy The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel debuts the first three episodes of the fifth and final season Friday.

The show follows Miriam Maisel, played by Rachel Brosnahan, an unfulfilled 1950’s New York housewife who throws herself head first into the world of stand up comedy. Along the way she teams up with a down-on-her-luck manager, Susie Myerson, played by Alex Borstein, and the two try and forge a path in a world where women often weren’t welcome.

While fans may have wanted the series to go for longer, show co-creator Dan Palladino tells ABC Audio they knew it wasn’t going for 10 seasons. 

“A lot of shows go past their expiration dates and I think fans always know that,” he explains.

Additionally, his fellow show creator and spouse Amy ShermanPalladino admits that they’ve known how the show was going to end from day one. 

“That ending was in the pitch, in the initial pitch for the show,” Sherman-Palladino shares, adding that it gave the duo a roadmap to follow. 

“That’s the fun place, that’s the weird trajectory,” she says. “And then what are all the twists and turns that can get us there?”

Although Amy and Dan knew the ending, it’s still a bittersweet moment for the creators. 

“We love the cast. We’re going to miss them,” says Palladino. “We want to work with them all separately again.”

Sherman-Palladino adds, “We have all their home information, so we know how to find them and we will be stalking them.”

As far as Sherman-Palladino’s hopes for the season ahead, “Our main goal this season was honestly just sticking the landing and making sure that her journey that she and Susie set out… barrel to a conclusion one way or another.”

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