Martin Lawrence receives star on Hollywood Walk of Fame, gives Jamie Foxx update

Erik Voake/Getty Images

Martin Lawrence now has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The comedian received the honor Thursday, April 20, in a ceremony attended by friends Steve Harvey and Tracy Morgan. He spoke to Extra about the recognition and his brotherhood with his fellow stars.

“I’m truly honored … I feel so blessed and I thank God for this honor and just recognition and my fans and it’s something that I always wanted,” he said. “Richard Pryor was my first introduction to wanting to be in the business.”

Describing Pryor and Eddie Murphy as inspirations, he said, “Just following what they’ve done in their career has allowed me to push forward in mine, so I’m very grateful and thankful.”

Of his friendship with Steve and Tracy, he said it “means so much,” adding they are “two people that tell the truth … and I respect them so much.”

“It’s no bull with them, and so they’re going to tell you how they feel,” Martin continued. “They’re gonna tell you how they see it, and I couldn’t ask about better people to speak.”

Martin also shared some love for Jamie Foxx, who remains hospitalized following a health scare. “I hear he’s doing better … My prayers go out for him every night and just wishing the best for him, one of the best that we got in Hollywood,” he said. “Not only one of the best entertainers, but a good person.”

Martin has starred in several television shows and films, including his sitcom Martin, the Big Mommaseries and the Bad Boys series, which is coming out with its fourth installment.

He teased, “Wait till y’all see this one. Might even be bigger than all of them. You gotta check it out.”



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