Mafiosi interrupt Denzel’s Italian retirement plans in new ‘Equalizer 3’ trailer

Sony Pictures

Sony Pictures has released the trailer to The Equalizer 3 after it made its debut at CinemaCon earlier in the week.

For the last time, Denzel Washington returns as Robert McCall, who is ready to hang up his particular set of deadly skills as a retiree in Southern Italy.

The trailer begins to the strings of the classic “Volare,” juxtaposed with a trail of bodies McCall has left in his wake.

“Nine seconds,” Washington says in voice-over as his character calls back the stopwatch gag from the previous films. The shot widens to reveal McCall in a chair with a gun to his head while he’s warning the men surrounding him: “That’s what I’ll give you to decide your fate.”

The trailer snaps back to McCall living la dolce vita.

“Because of these people I’m beginning to understand real peace,” McCall later says. “I’m starting to see this is where I’m supposed to be.”

That is, of course, until the Mob moves in, too.

“Whatever it is you and your friends do, do it somewhere else,” he deadpans to a baddie.

“You warning me?”

“No, I’m preparing you,” Denzel says before snatching the bad guy’s hand and “compressing the median nerve,” leaving him writhing in pain.

What follows is a series of cuts of McCall cutting down bad guys in a number of ways, all set to the Italian torch song.

The movie also reunites Washington with Dakota Fanning, who as a child starred with him in the 2004 classic Man on Fire. “Police found multiple dead bodies on that farm in Sicily. Did you kill them?”

“Do I look like a killer?” Denzel asks with a laugh.

The film from director Antoine Fuqua opens September 1.

(Video contains uncensored profanity.)

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