‘Ted Lasso’ cast teases season 3 finale

Courtesy of Apple TV+

Ted Lasso fans, halftime is over and the second half of the third season starts Wednesday.

We’ve seen six episodes, and just six are left in this season that’s going to mark a big change in the show in some way, shape, or form. Nick Mohammed plays Nate Shelley on the show — he started in season 1 as lovable, but turned villainous season 2. So how are fans treating him in season 3?

“I wouldn’t say it’s love. I would say less hate,” he tells ABC Audio. “I feel like whereas there was a real visceral reaction to what Nate did at the end of season two and, you know, maybe rightly so, I feel like people are now a bit more kind of intrigued as to whether we’re going to see some kind of accountability or a redemption or something.”

Fans will have to continue watching to see if that happens, but Mohammed did give a little hint about what to expect as the season goes forward.

“Narratively things sort of sort of step up … heading towards the season finale,” he shares. “And, you know, whether it’s the very end, very end forever and ever, who knows? We know that there’s quite a lot of unfinished business as far as Nate’s concerned.”

Brendan Hunt, who co-created the show and plays Coach Beard, also chimed in.

“Up through episode five, it’s been some real peaks and valleys. And, you know, the show is made of peaks and valleys, much like Earth,” he says. “But things got about as low as they can ever get in five. But then in six they all go to Amsterdam and everyone seems to have gotten something they need. So going forward, let’s see if those things bear fruit.”

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