James Corden vows to end ‘The Late Late Show’ “with a bang” Thursday night

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With his final Late Late Show airing Thursday evening, James Corden is looking back.

To Deadline, the English Tony winner turned American talk show host said, “The nature of our show is we really want to go out with a bang. We want to go out in the same manner that we came in.”

He quipped, “It’s like my theory about on-set catering; people only really remember the first and last day’s food. That might apply to talk shows as well.”

The “way [they] came in” was a debut episode that featured Tom Hanks recapping his entire filmography, in the first installment of what became a recurring bit, as well as appearances from Chris Rock and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Officially, Harry Styles and Will Ferrell will be the final guests on The Late Late Show, which will be preceded on CBS by a Carpool Karaoke special that will air at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

That said, it’s safe to say there will be some celebrity surprises in store.

Corden said to the trade about the show’s Emmy-winning, eight-year run, “I can’t believe that this was ever anything that I got to do and I felt that the whole way.”

He adds, “I have nothing but love and gratitude for all of it. I’m from High Wycombe. The frame of my face doesn’t look like one that should be hosting [a] television show in any way, and if it was, it would probably be late-night sports.”

Corden summed it up by saying, “The overwhelming thing I feel is I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve such memories.”

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