Woody Harrelson addresses the possibility he and Matthew McConaughey are actual brothers

David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images

In a new interview with Esquire, Woody Harrelson followed up on Matthew McConaughey‘s recent bombshell announcement that the two very similarly laid back stars might actually be blood related.

“Well, it’s very much true,” Harrelson commented.

“I learned from Ma Mac, Matthew’s mother, that she did have a relationship with my father for a relatively short period of time that coincided with the time that his father and mother were on a sabbatical, and with the time of Matthew’s, let’s say, origination,” Woody said.

Like McConaughey had said, Woody explained the pair have yet to confirm through DNA if the very suspicious timing of that “relatively short period of time” led to McConaughey’s “origination.”

“We haven’t done a test,” Harrelson said, allowing, “there are too many times that I think to myself, My God, the similarities! The things he does, the things he says — just the way he is. I’ve felt that for years.”

In a related Explain This segment, Woody also claimed McConaughey’s father said “that ain’t my son” when McConaughey’s mother was going to the hospital to give birth to the future Oscar winner — and she went alone.

At this, Harrelson’s White House Plumbers co-star — and Esquire co-cover model — Justin Theroux was stunned. “No. Way,” he exclaimed.

Woody commented, “And I knew that detail years before I ever talked to Ma Mac about the shenanigans.”

In the article, Theroux tried to get in on the family action, saying, “There have been many times where I’ve thought the same thing about Woody, that he’s this abusive older brother. Much older brother.”

He adds, “The next time he sets a glass down or a fork, I am going to pair it against my own DNA to confirm what I suspect is the truth.”

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