Ewok sushi, Jedi Mind Trick chaser? Check out these recipes for ‘Star Wars’ Day


Thursday is Star Wars Day, and the geeky worlds of both that galaxy far, far away and gastronomy have combined for a cargo hold’s worth of Star Wars-inspired recipes online.

The official Star Wars website has a dizzying number of options for basically every meal.

Since “every Mandalorian worth his armor was raised on pog soup,” according to The Mandalorian, there’s a new recipe for that. Not to be confused with porgs, the little puppy-faced chickens seen in the sequel films, it’s not entirely clear what’s in pog soup on the Disney+ show. But this recipe is vegan, so no porgs — or pogs, whatever those are — have been harmed for this dish. Just don’t forget to sip it with your helmet on.

There are also recipes for Ewok sushi, and for dessert, Blue Milk Pudding, among other offerings.

The website Diznify has reverse-engineered the foods and beverages you can get at the Disney Parks’ Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge and Galactic Cruiser attractions, and to that end, home chefs — or their 434-FPC Personal Chef Droids — can try their hands at replicating the park’s Chocolate Hazelnut Yoda Cupcakes.

There are also alcoholic drink recipes, like the Jedi Mind Trick, and nonalcoholic ones, like the Carbon Freeze, both of which are straight from the park attractions’ menus.

The website Yummly is also serving up tons of Star Wars-themed recipes, including Death Star Whoopie Pies and Baby Yoda Deviled Eggs, which use a cut-out hard-boiled egg to perfectly simulate Grogu’s little floating pram.

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