Katie Holmes sounds off on a possible Dawson’s Creek reboot: “Today’s world might tarnish it’”

ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images

Dawson’s Creek alum Katie Holmes addressed the possibility of a reboot of the teen drama and she’s not completely on board with the idea, for now at least.

“There have been many discussions over the years. We all loved the experience,” Holmes, 44, said during an interview as part of the Kering Women in Motion talks at Cannes Film Festival, according to Variety. “There’s a protection that comes along with the discussion. The show was a time capsule. To put it into today’s world might tarnish it a little bit.”

“It was right before everyone had a phone and social media and all of that, so there was an innocence that was there between the characters that was one of the things I think people liked about the show. To put it into the setting of today’s world, I’m not sure,” she continued.

“We’ve often talked about it,” Holmes added. “For now, we kind of just keeping saying that until there is a real reason to do it, it hasn’t been something where people have said, ‘This is the take on it.’”

Dawson’s Creek ran for six seasons on the WB between 1998 and 2003 and made stars out of Holmes and her co-stars James Van Der BeekMichelle Williams, and Joshua Jackson, among others.

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