Arnold Schwarzenegger teases Netflix’s summer slate as chief action officer

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Netflix)

With all the subtlety of a tank — literally, he crushes a Mercedes in the open — Arnold Schwarzenegger appears in a new Netflix spot teasing the streaming giant’s summer slate.

“No one likes action more than I do, so that’s why I accepted the big new job of chief action officer,” Arnold says, before signing off on an explosion — and teasing Chris Hemsworth‘s upcoming Extraction 2; Jennifer Lopez‘s Mother; Heart of Stone; the upcoming season of The Witcher; and, of course, his upcoming action comedy series Fubar, among others.

“Nobody knows action more than I do, and nobody hits like Netflix,” the action icon says in the clip.

While Mother is already available for streaming, Fubar debuts Thursday, May 25, followed by the action comedy Blood and Gold the next day.

Schwarzenegger’s documentary Arnold drops June 7; Bloodhounds premieres June 9; Extraction 2 on June 16; and the reboot of the action series iNumber Number debuts on June 23.

The Witcher returns June 29, while the action comedy The Out-Laws drops on July 7, followed by the reboot Bird Box Barcelona on July 14. Jamie Foxx‘s They Cloned Tyrone drops on July 21, and Gal Gadot‘s techno thriller Heart of Stone debuts on August 11.

The sizzle reel also teased as “coming soon” the Asian gangster series The Brothers Sun with Oscar winner Michelle Yeoh and the action picture Lift with Kevin Hart.

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