‘Priscilla’ trailer puts Elvis Presley’s wife in the spotlight


The life of Priscilla Presley is on display in the new official trailer for A24’s Priscilla.

Written and directed by Sofia Coppola, the film was adapted from Priscilla and Sandra Harmon’s 1985 book, Elvis and Me, and follows the life of the woman who was married to the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Caliee Spaeny stars as the eponymous Priscilla, while Euphoria star Jacob Elordi takes on the role of Elvis Presley.

While no release date has been announced yet, the trailer promises the film is coming soon.

The 45-second trailer shows flashes of Elvis and Priscilla’s life together — from the Army days to their iconic wedding and the early years at Graceland.

“The hardest part of writing the script was just editing down so many incredible details from Priscilla’s memoir,” Coppola told Vogue in October 2022. “I was interested in trying to imagine what growing up in that world must have looked like through her eyes.”

As for what made Spaeny the right choice for the title role, Coppola said it was her ability “to act and age across a big span of time.”

“The character goes from the age of 15 to 27 over the course of the film,” Coppola said. “It was really important for me to have the same actress playing Priscilla at those different stages of her life, and I think Caliee can pull it off.”

And while it may seem like an impossible task to cast someone who can fill Elvis’ blue suede shoes, Coppola said Elordi “has that same kind of magnetism.”

“He’s so charismatic, and girls go crazy around him, so I knew he could pull off playing this type of romance icon.”

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