Andrew Barth Feldman talks working with “brilliant” Jennifer Lawrence in ‘No Hard Feelings’

Macall Polay/Sony Pictures

Andrew Barth Feldman is Jennifer Lawrence’s love interest in the raunchy new comedy No Hard Feelings.

The actor told ABC Audio that working with Lawrence was just as amazing as you would think it would be.

“She’s just brilliant. She’s like a one-of-a-kind comedian and always has been, and yet we’ve never seen her in a comedy like this,” Feldman said. “There’s nothing better for her to do and there’s no one better to do it. And there was nothing that was off limits between the two of us. We had the most incredible time.”

Feldman plays Percy in the film, an awkward 19-year-old who becomes entangled with Lawrence’s Maddie after his parents hire her to seduce him.

This isn’t the first time that the concept of an older woman pursuing a younger man has been explored in film, as Feldman notes, and he says he took the time to watch such movies in preparation for the role.

“It felt important that I watch The Graduate. Obviously, our movie is very much in conversation with The Graduate and movies like it,” Feldman said. “It’s interesting to see how that movie is, like, not really even funny anymore. It’s much more of a think piece than is perhaps remembered.”

And while No Hard Feelings is very much a comedy, Feldman says there are also other, deeper layers to it.

“It’s pretty easy to feel stuck as a young person right now,” Feldman said. “To tell a very funny but very heartwarming story about a young person coming into themself and entering the world for the first time — I think that’s what we need to be telling stories about.” 

No Hard Feelings releases in theaters everywhere on June 23.

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