Tom Holland addresses his “horribly reviewed” Apple TV+ series ‘The Crowded Room’

Applee TV+

Tom Holland is getting candid about the negative reviews of his new series The Crowded Room.

“It’s no secret that my show has been so horribly reviewed,” he says during an interview with Unilad released June 23.

Holland goes on to share that despite the negative reviews, there is something that both critics and fans can take from the series.

“I think that the message of the show which can speak to so many different issues is that asking for help should be something that we as a society celebrate,” the 27-year-old actor explains. “It’s an act of bravery, whether it is substance abuse, whether it is abuse at home, whether it is abuse at school, standing up and asking for help is not something you should be ashamed of.”

“I hope that this show can represent that in a truthful and authentic and most importantly sensitive way,” he continued. “So for me, if we can somehow make people feel empowered by saying ‘I’m not feeling good I really need some help’, then we’ve done what we set out to do.”

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