Kim Cattrall dishes, slightly, on cameo in ‘Sex and the City’ series ‘And Just Like That…’

Cattrall in ‘Glamorous’ – Netflix/Amanda Matlovich

While appearing on The View Wednesday, June 28 to promote her upcoming Netflix project Glamorous, Kim Cattrall dished — a little bit — about her upcoming cameo on And Just Like That…, after she previously swore off ever bringing back her Sex and The City character, Samantha Jones. 

“It’s very interesting to get a call from the head of HBO saying, ‘What can we do?’ And I went, ‘Hmm…,'” Cattrall said with a smile. “Let me get creative.”

She added of Sex and the City‘s celebrated designer, “One of those things was to get Pat Field back, because I just thought that if I’m going to come back I gotta come back with that Samantha style, I gotta push it. And we did.”

Cattrall later touched on what made her walk away from the series in the first place. “At this point in my life especially, where I want to spend the time and with whom is really important to me, and what I want to say with the characters that I play,” the actress expressed.

“So I’ve learned through the years to sort of take a step back and see myself doing something and really register how that feels. Does that feel right? Or, no, I should be over on this trek here. That feels more me, more now.”

AJLT…‘s star and executive producer Sarah Jessica Parker has tamped down persistent rumors of a feud between her and Cattrall over the years. She recently told The Hollywood Reporter of Cattrall’s cameo, “When we first started talking about this idea, it’s just such an opportune moment in the story and it was really a nod to the 25 years. It’s just a really sentimental, funny, sweet moment that is timed perfectly for a specific event that’s happening in Carrie’s life … So it’s really nice, I think.”

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