‘Reservation Dogs’ to end with upcoming season 3

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FX’s acclaimed Indigenous comedy series Reservation Dogs will end when its forthcoming third season comes to a close, creator Sterlin Harjo has revealed on Instagram. 

In the lengthy post that dropped on Thursday, June 29, he said, “That’s a difficult line to write and a more difficult decision to make. However, it’s the correct decision creatively for the show.”

He added, “I always knew what the end of this story would be, I just didn’t know when it would arrive. As we continued to break stories and write scripts this season, it became clear to the producers, Taika [Waititi] and me that the season three finale is the perfect series finale.”

Created by Harjo and Oscar winner Waititi, the show centers on four Indigenous teenagers in rural Oklahoma. It won praise — and a Peabody Award — for its portrayal of characters who are only now getting proper representation on film and TV.

Harjo added, “When we came up with the idea for Reservation Dogs, I didn’t think the show would ever get made, but thankfully it did.”

He explained, “The first and most basic idea for us as Native people was to show the world that Native humor and Natives are funny. Almost all television and film depictions about Native people are most inaccurate … and … untruthful.”

Harjo expressed, “It has been a gift to us to show the world a different perspective of Indigenous people and our culture. Most important of all, it has been a dream to collaborate and make a show that is entirely written by, directed by and stars Native people.”

In a statement about the news, FX noted, “People throw around the words historic and groundbreaking far too often and without merit: Reservation Dogs is worthy of those superlatives.”

The series returns on Hulu in August.

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