Taissa Farmiga and Storm Reid are nuns on the run in creepy trailer to ‘The Nun II’

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Storm Reid and Taissa Farmiga — sister of The Conjuring series star Vera Farmiga — are nuns who run afoul of the evil titular being in the new trailer for The Nun II.

The 2018 original, set in 1952 and in the Conjuring universe, became the highest-grossing film in that $2 billion franchise, scaring up more than $352 million on a $22 million production budget.

Warner Bros. Pictures teases of the sequel, “1956 – France. A priest is murdered. An evil is spreading,” noting Taissa Farmiga’s “Sister Irene once again comes face to face with Valak, the demon nun.” Bonnie Aarons again plays the habit-wearing baddie, with Storm Reid playing a younger nun terrorized by the sinister sister.

“This demon was once an angel,” a priest explains. “Rejected by God. Stripped of power.”

Sister Irene says, “It wants that power back.”

Promising even more jump scares than its creepy preview, The Nun II opens in theaters September 7.

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