Disney celebrates ‘The Bear’ season 2 with Feeding America in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York

Colón-Zayas in ‘The Bear’ — Courtesy FX

In celebration of the second season of FX’s hit Hulu series The Bear, several cast members teamed up with Disney and Feeding America to make special visits to partner food banks in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York, where they could provide nutritious food to people in need.

From stunning dishes by the fictitious Michelin-starred chef Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto, to trials and tribulations inside the walls of a working kitchen, the show has given chefs and diners alike a chance to see food in a new light.

Four of the series’ stars — Liza Colón-Zayas, who plays sous chef Tina; Lionel Boyce, who plays the pastry chef Marcus; Chris Witaske, who plays Pete; and Corey Hendrix, who plays Gary — joined up with Disney and Feeding America to raise awareness about the increased need for children and families to gain access to nutritious food during the summer months when kids are out of school.

Colón-Zayas, who grew up in the projects of the Bronx, told Good Morning America that despite her parents’ best efforts to work to feed five kids, “it wasn’t enough.”

She said, “Sometimes we had to go to the community center to get our staples just to get through or rely on family members. These things matter, it makes all the difference. So I’m so grateful for all of you who are supporting programs like that, we need them.”

Boyce joined Witaske at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank and said this “awesome” moment was the cherry on top for The Bear being able to help those in need of food assistance.

For over 10 years, Disney — the parent company of FX, Hulu and ABC News — has teamed up with Feeding America, and to date, has provided millions of meals to children and families in need of support.


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