See Anthony Mackie tear up the post-apocalyptic road in trailer to Peacock’s ‘Twisted Metal’ adaptation

Peacock/Skip Bolen

Peacock released a trailer to Twisted Metal, the adaptation of the hit Sony Playstation video game series, on Monday — and it doesn’t watch its language.

Straight out of the gate, the series shows off its mature bona fides, with Anthony Mackie setting the scene: “Twenty years ago, the world fell to s***.”

His John Doe explains all criminals were kicked out of walled cities to keep the peace, “but there are humble mother******* like me, delivering packages from one walled city to another.”

His character, also known as the Milkman, is tasked by Neve Campbell‘s Raven with delivering something from New San Francisco to another location. “I can make your every wish come true. So, John, what do you wish for?”

“Toilet paper,” he whispers. “Two ply.” She laughs in response, saying, “I think we can do better than that,” to which a shocked John asks, “Three-ply?”

Mackie’s character is carjacked by Stephanie Beatriz‘s Quiet, and soon the pair hit the road together — through Las Vegas, the city ruled by Sweet Tooth, the bloodthirsty, ice cream-truck driving, clown-faced menace from the game.

Played by Joe Seanoa, a pro wrestler best known as Samoa Joe, the character is seen dispatching a room full of people, before giving a bloody thumbs-up to a fan who compliments his decapitation technique.

The show, which also stars Oscar nominee Thomas Haden Church as a crooked lawman, debuts July 27 on Peacock.

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