Cynthia Erivo gets animated in musical performance in ‘Strange Planet’

Apple TV+

Tony, Grammy and Oscar winner Cynthia Erivo is the latest celebrity to pop up — in animated form — in Apple TV+’s new series Strange Planet.

However, don’t expect to recognize her by her looks. The show — like Nathan W. Pyle‘s internet comic on which it’s based — centers on nameless, blobby “beings.”

That said, Erivo’s voice is clear as day in a clip released to Rotten Tomatoes from the sixth episode, in which her character sings in front of an audience about having stage fright.

To fight her fear, she performs blindfolded.

“Never feel that good when I perform in front of beings,” her character starts singing, after feeling for a photo of a loved one in her guitar’s neck. “I work best for an audience of one.”

As the being sings about losing her “other half,” a friend pulls off the blindfold to reveal to the teary-eyed musician; Erivo’s character is now able to finish the tune in front of a packed, cheering audience.

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