Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney meet the King of England in new ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ teaser

FX/Patrick McElhenney

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney‘s purchase of the Wrexham football club might have started as an unlikely pairing, but apparently has become a big enough deal to get them an audience with King Charles.

In a new teaser for September 12’s return of their FX docuseries Welcome to Wrexham, the cochairs of the Welsh football team are seated together when they share a moment of shock when the phone rings.

“So the King of England called,” a stunned Reynolds says to the camera before the pair show off their preparation.

“Monarchy boot camp,” the Deadpool star says of royal etiquette training they undertook to meet the king.

“It’s like the military, except your pinky’s always up,” Ryan jokes.

Ryan and Rob are shown how to walk and sit properly in the king’s presence, and how to shake King Charles’ hand. “Two pumps and release,” the expert tells them, to which they giggle at the dirty double entendre.

The hard work apparently pays off, as the snippet shows Charles on the pitch, meeting the stars that helped turn around the fortunes of the underdog team and the town that loves them.

Welcome to Wrexham also streams on Hulu.

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