PETA capitalizes on Pete Davidson voicemail controversy with $85 Halloween costume

Courtesy PETA

As reported back in June, Pete Davidson apparently gave PETA an earful via voicemail, after the animal rights group dogged the SNL star for buying a purebred puppy, and not adopting.

But now the group has apparently dragged the controversy back up for Halloween, by selling a costume for $85 that roughly — very roughly — approximates Davidson’s face.

According to a voicemail that was made public, Davidson blasted Daphna Nachminovitch, senior VP of cruelty investigations, who had apparently called him out for the purchase.

Davidson explained, “My mom’s f****** dog who is 2 years old died a week before, so we’re all so sad,” explaining he’s extremely allergic to dogs, and the only breeds he could tolerate are cavapoos.

“So why don’t you do your research before you f****** create news stories for people because you’re boring…” he added.

PETA’s paper mask kinda sorta looks like Davidson wearing a blue baseball cap with “#$@!%” printed on it. The get-up also includes an “I Should’ve Adopted” hoodie, and a plush dog that looks similar to the controversial cavapoo, festooned with a “Shelter Dogs Rule” bandana.

On the site, PETA expressed that while the former SNL star apologized for the message, “now there’s a chance for Halloween revelers to ensure that the message is still being sent loud and clear that there’s no f****** excuse for promoting the breeding industry by buying a dog from a pet store when millions of wonderful dogs await loving homes in animal shelters.”

So if you were in the market for an obscure Halloween costume that was based on a short-lived tabloid story, look no further.

All the proceeds will go towards spaying and neutering animals, PETA says.

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