Kurt Russell spilling all the monster tea in trailer for Apple TV+’s Godzilla series

Apple TV+

On Friday, September 8, Apple TV+ dropped a teaser to Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, the live-action series set in the world of Godzilla and his fellow city-stomping kaiju.

Set in the same universe as the 2014 big-screen film Godzilla; 2017’s Kong: Skull Island; 2019’s Godzilla: King of the Monsters; 2021’s Godzilla vs. Kong and the upcoming sequel Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, the series stars father and son Kurt and Wyatt Russell playing the same character, Army office Lee Shaw, over decades.

Also back from the past is John Goodman‘s Skull Island scientist character William Randa, via film recorded in the 1960s. “I can’t go back in time and fixed all the mistakes I made,” he’s shown saying. “But maybe I can leave something for the future. A legacy.”

That legacy appears to be Monarch, the secretive company that tracks these giant monsters.

As clips of him are shown in both the present and the past, with Wyatt portraying his younger self, Kurt Russell says, “The hope was to protect their world and ours. It’s what we wanted Monarch to be. Not chasing monsters.”

He explains to off-camera characters, “If you come with me, you’ll know everything. I promise.”

The streaming service teases, “Following the thunderous battle between Godzilla and the Titans that leveled San Francisco and the shocking revelation that monsters are real, Monarch: Legacy of Monsters tracks two siblings following in their father’s footsteps to uncover their family’s connection to the secretive organization known as Monarch.”

It continues, “The dramatic saga – spanning three generations – reveals buried secrets and the ways that epic, earth-shattering events can reverberate through our lives.”

Monarch also stars Anna Sawai, Kiersey Clemons, Ren Watabe, Mari Yamamoto and Anders Holm.

The show debuts Friday, November 17.

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