Gordon Ramsay turning famous meme into a show: ‘Idiot Sandwich’

FOX/Ray Mickshaw

Gordon Ramsay has announced he’s cooking up yet another show, but this one is based on a wildly popular meme.

The hot-tempered chef behind Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares and other shows is creating Idiot Sandwich, named after his insult of a would-be chef in a sketch from The Late Late Show with James Corden.

The bit from eight years ago saw a ranting Ramsay capturing the face of a cook — actually Big Brother‘s Julie Chen Moonves — between two slices of bread and asking her what she is.

“An idiot sandwich,” she responds.

The “Hell’s Cafeteria” sketch has been viewed more than 13 million times on YouTube, but it is even more popular in GIF and meme form.

Ramsay introduced the idea for the show on his Instagram Story on Tuesday, inviting would-be hoagie half-wits to an application page.

“The person whose sandwich impresses Chef Ramsay the most, will walk away with a cash prize and the ultimate title, being crowned Gordon Ramsay’s Idiot Sandwich!” the copy reads.

Gordon noted you don’t need to be a chef to apply, though the application form notes the live show is looking for contestants that live in or near Nevada. Ramsay fronts a Hell’s Kitchen restaurant at Caesars Palace, where they sell “Idiot Sandwich” earmuffs. “It’s one of the best-selling things in Vegas,” he tells People.

He adds, “Wherever I go, there’s some young kid somewhere that wants to be called an ‘idiot sandwich.'”

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