‘Loki’ executive producer explains why people love the god of mischief

Gareth Gatrell/Marvel

The god of mischief is back for more time-slipping adventures with the Time Variance Authority, or TVA, in season 2 of the Marvel Disney+ series Loki.

Executive producer Kevin Wright talked to ABC News about the new season and said he has his own theory about why people love the villainous god of Asgard.

“A large portion of that has to be Tom Hiddleston and what he’s brought to that character. Like, he lives and breathes it. He’s so invested in this world, in this character,” Wright said.

Going further, Wright said people can relate to the hardships Loki has experienced.

“We can all see a little bit of ourselves in his trauma,” Wright said. “I think he’s somebody who we’re always rooting for because we can see when he’s good, he can be really, really good. And that there’s a sense of he hasn’t reached his full potential yet.”

Jonathan Majors, who was arrested in March on charges including misdemeanor assault, made his debut as He Who Remains in the season 1 finale. Majors will return this season as a different variant of Kang, Victor Timely.

“Victor Timely was somebody that from season 1 we’ve been wanting to do, and it’s exciting because it is the unexpected version of that character, and they play an unexpected role,” Wright said.

And if the multiverse gives you caution, Wright said they worked hard to make sure the story was told in a digestible way.

“These kind of things could really become difficult to track and get in the way of enjoying the show if it’s not done right,” Wright said. “We always talked about, in regards to time travel and now multiverse, how do we explain it and sell it as simply as possible, so that you can enjoy being with the characters.”

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