Rob McElhenney recruits Chris Pratt to unveil his gift to Wrexham AFC partner Ryan Reynolds

Randy Holmes/ABC via Getty Images

Monday is Ryan Reynolds‘ 47th birthday, and to celebrate, Rob McElhenney once again staged an elaborate birthday gift/prank for his buddy and co-chair of the Wrexham football club.

This year, he got the Deadpool star an “actual superhero” to help him: Chris Pratt.

The hilariously awkward Instagram video has Pratt at first waiting while McElhenney finishes up paperwork. He then plays clueless as to why he’s seated opposite the Always Sunny in Philadelphia co-creator and star, and admits he’s never seen the b-day back and forth between McElhenney and Reynolds.

“No, you’ve seen it on social media,” McElhenney insists. Pratt interrupts, saying, “Do I have had to follow you to see that? I might have seen it if it was on his.”

McElhenney then protests, dejected, “I have a lot of followers, too,” noting he can give Pratt his handle in case he doesn’t follow him.

“Anyway, this year, my idea involves a park,” McElhenney says. Pratt considers it before sarcastically adding, “Oh, because I was on Parks and Recreation.

Before he finishes his sentence, the theme from the show that made Pratt famous starts, and McElhenney details his plans for the Ryan Rodney Reynolds Memorial Park, located near their shared soccer team’s stadium in Wrexham, Wales.

In voiceover, the actor promises the spot will be beautiful, with open green spaces, pop-up restaurants, movie screenings and “actual green lanterns.” There will also be “benches for old guys to swing on” and a “hideous statue” that “may or may not look like Ryan.”

McElhenney also plugs a website, dubbed, for details.

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