Ex tennis pro Pete Sampras reveals his former actress wife, Bridgette Wilson-Sampras, is battling ovarian cancer

The couple in 2000 – Achim Scheidemann/picture alliance via Getty Images

Retired tennis pro Pete Sampras has gone public with news that his wife, former Mortal Kombat star Bridgette Wilson-Sampras, has been battling ovarian cancer.

Noting he’s normally “a pretty quiet and private person,” he explained he wanted to inspire others to reach out if they need support.

Calling the past year an “exceptionally challenging time for my family,” Sampras recalled that his wife, 50, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer last December. “Since then, she has had major surgery, pushed through chemotherapy and continues with targeted maintenance therapy,” the tennis legend said.

“It is hard to watch someone you love go through a challenge like this,” he continued. “However, seeing our boys step up and be such strong supporters of Bridgette, myself and each other has been amazing.”

He added, “Watching Bridgette continue to be an incredible mom and wife through it all has been inspiring.”

The couple have two sons, Christian, nearly 21, and Ryan, 18.

Sampras noted that through this experience, “I have also learned that it is very hard to reach out for support when something is simply too hard to talk about.”

He concluded, “I will end this by humbly asking for good thoughts and prayers for our family as Bridgette continues to thrive on her healing journey.”

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