‘The Sound of Freedom’ will stream for free on Amazon Prime

Angel Studios

One of the biggest movies of 2023, the sleeper hit The Sound of Freedom, will find a streaming home on Amazon’s Prime Video, Variety reports.

The anti-child trafficking thriller stars Jim Caviezel as real-life former government agent Tim Ballard, who quit his job busting child pornographers to take on his own mission of rescuing a little girl from sex traffickers in the Colombian jungle. He saved 123 people, including 55 kids, in the process.

To date, the thriller that was produced by independent Angel Studios has made $242 million globally on a production budget of around $14.5 million.

Unlike the usual summer fare, it relied on crowdfunding to raise its shooting budget and a word-of-mouth campaign to drive the movie’s business, instead of a hundred-million-dollar marketing budget.

The Sound of Freedom is already available for purchase or rental on various platforms, including Prime Video, but will stream for free on the platform for subscribers starting December 26.

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