Jon Hamm on getting a body part cast in plaster for ‘Fargo’ character

FX/Michelle Faye

Winter is coming, but it was already a little nipply for actor Jon Hamm when he started work on the new season of Fargo.

Show creator Noah Hawley is known for getting weird with his series, which drops its first two episodes of the new season Tuesday night, but the trailer already had the internet abuzz.

It was revealed in the sneak peek that Emmy winner Hamm’s character, a conservative sheriff named Roy Tillman, has pierced nipples, and fans couldn’t stop talking about it.

“It’s not the first body part I’ve had be a conversation starter. So, you know, hey, here we are,” the actor joked to ABC Audio.

Hamm doesn’t actually have pierced nipples, so a little movie magic was in order.

“Sitting in a makeup chair and having someone do a plaster cast of your nipples is a very strange experience,” he said. “I certainly didn’t have that class in theater school.”

Hamm expressed, “It’s all part of the wonder of this strange business we’re in. So I was happy to do it. I thought it was a very funny quirk of the character.”

Jon continued, “[I]t’s a fun little part of Roy that I think lends a three dimensionality to his existence.”

Co-star Dave Foley agreed with a laugh, “That’s not usually the part of Jon Hamm’s anatomy people want to talk about. Famously.”

He noted that the prosthetic nipples “look great” and add a “nice, weird detail” to the character.

He said of the finished product, “Yeah, I think they look great. I think it’s a nice weird thing. That that character would have pierced nipples is a nice, weird detail.”  

Fargo‘s fifth season also stars Juno Temple, Joe Keery, Lamorne Morris, Richa Moorjani and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

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