Ruff looking couple: Ryan Reynolds drops first photo of Deadpool and Dogpool

20th Century Studios

(NOTE LANGUAGE) On his Instagram Monday evening, Ryan Reynolds dropped the first photo of himself back in his Deadpool scarred face makeup, looking slightly non-plussed as he’s being licked by a new cast member.

His co-star is also…ruff looking: Dogpool, the scrappy mutt who makes her debut in Reynolds’ upcoming Deadpool 3.

As reported, Dogpool was a character that made its debut in the pages of Marvel Comics in 2010. Hailing from an alternate earth, the canine who survived cruel animal experimentation possesses Deadpool’s regenerative abilities, and later became a member of the Deadpool Corps.

Ryan’s post also revealed that the powered pooch has her own Instagram account. Oh, and she posted the same picture, but didn’t hold back her literal distaste of her co-star.

“Looks like avocado,” the caption read, calling back a description of Reynolds’ Wade Wilson from the first movie. “Tastes like dog s***.”

Deadpool 3 hits theaters July 26 from 20th Century Studios, which, like ABC News, is owned by Disney.

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