‘Percy Jackson’ conjures up big numbers on Disney+


The first episode of Percy Jackson and the Olympians debuted on Disney+ on December 19, and by Christmas Day it had drawn an audience of some 13.3 million viewers across Disney+ and Hulu.

The numbers put the adaptation of author/producer Rick Riordan‘s bestselling books in the top five season premieres of the year for both the streaming service and Hulu, of which ABC News’ parent company Disney is a majority shareholder.

Ahsoka had 14 million viewers on Disney+ in five days, but Percy Jackson, which stars The Adam Project‘s Walker Scobell as the titular young hero, was aimed at a smaller, younger-skewing audience. By comparison, Goosebumps had a similar demographic, and its premiere earlier this year attracted 4.2 million people over its first three days on Disney+.

Additionally, #percyjackson on TikTok received 212 million views within the last seven days in the U.S., Disney said.

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