Jacob Elordi literally taking ‘SNL’ hosting gig step by step in new promo

NBC/Rosalind O’Connor

Jacob Elordi is apparently pretty nervous about his Saturday Night Live hosting debut Saturday, according to a new promo.

The spot sees the Saltburn star freezing as he psyches himself up to walk down the three steps that lead to where he’ll deliver his monologue inside Studio 8H.

“They all make it look so easy,” the actor laments to himself, as he has flashbacks of previous hosts, including a high-heeled Kim Kardashian and Zac Efron, who slid onto the stage in 2009.

SNL‘s Punkie Johnson and Marcello Hernandez are then shown spying as Elordi ponders his next move, with Punkie asking him, “Hey man, you good?”

What follows is a montage of the sketch show’s stars trying to get the actor to master the three-step entrance, to no avail.

He then tries it — and face-plants — as his would-be helpers make a quick getaway.

“I’m good,” Elordi mumbles into the stage.

If he manages the three steps, the Priscilla star will join singer and Mean Girls performer Reneé Rapp, the night’s musical guest, on the night of January 20 on NBC.

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