Jeremy Renner releases ‘Love and Titanium’ album, talks “change” after his near-fatal accident


Jeremy Renner posted a heartfelt video message on his Instagram, looking back at his near-fatal snowplow accident, on the day the album about his recovery journey was released.

The video was apparently taken during a break in a recording session, when someone off-camera asked him how he’s changed since the accident.

I don’t think the core of any of who I am has changed at all. I don’t even think the principles of what I’ve always wanted in my life changed at all,” Renner says. “So the only thing that’s really shifted, to be honest, for me, is the fact is — which is difficult — is accepting, being seen and witnessed for who I am as a man as a father, as a brother.”

He adds, “And that’s it’s a powerful love and it’s overwhelming. I mean, that’s the biggest thing that I’ve changed. I, I personally shifted, so I had to learn to receive a lot of goodness, man … a goodness I didn’t believe existed in the world.”

The twice-Oscar nominated actor’s voice cracked with emotion as he concludes, “It’s f****** special to know that you’re not going to have a bad day for the rest of your life.”

The lead track of Love and Titanium reflects this: It’s called “Lucky Man.”

Renner captioned the video, “I am overwhelmed and astonished by the kindness of others,” adding in part, “I have nothing left to say except thank you all.”

The seven-track Love and Titanium is now available on Apple Music and other platforms. The album’s title is a callback to his ABC News interview, in which he said he’d been rebuilt with “love and titanium.”

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