Eva Mendes claps back at #NotMyKen crowd after Ryan Gosling snags ‘Barbie’ Oscar nom

Warner Bros. Pictures

A “beyond proud” Eva Mendes took to Instagram Wednesday afternoon to clap back at those who once derided her longtime partner Ryan Gosling for taking the role of Ken in Barbie.

The movie has since become a cultural phenomenon and was the highest-grossing movie of 2023 — and the recipient of eight Oscar nominations, including one for Gosling as Best Supporting Actor.

To a screen grab of a 2022 Rolling Stone article titled in part “Ryan Gosling Is Giving Major Cringe as Ken in ‘Barbie,'” Mendes said, “So much hate when he took on this role.”

She continued, “So many people trying to shame him for doing it. Despite all the #Notmyken ridicule and articles written about him, he created this completely original, hilarious, heartbreaking, now iconic character and took it all the way to Oscars.”

Mendes, 49, said of the 43-year-old Gosling, “So beyond proud to be this Ken’s Barbie.”

Her post got tons of support online — including from Ryan’s Barbie co-star, Supporting Actress Oscar nominee America Ferrera.

She praised his “triple somersault performance,” adding, “I’m so grateful for the way he showed up with his super stardom, and continues to show up to support all the women in this process!! He is a class act and insanely deserving and talented.”

Mendes excitedly responded to that reply in both English and Spanish, calling America a sister and congratulating the “queen” for her own nomination.

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