‘Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur’ star Diamond White on the show’s Emmy wins + “impact”

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Marvel’s acclaimed animated series Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur returns on Friday for a second season on Disney Channel and Disney XD, and streams the next day on Disney+.

The series was a big winner at December’s Children & Family Creative Arts Emmys, which was a thrill for star Diamond White. White voices the lead character, a super-genius girl who becomes half of the titular superhero team after befriending a dino.

“I think I was in Atlanta while the Emmys happened,” White recalls to ABC Audio, “but just seeing all the producers on the show and the creative people on the show, like, post, like, ‘We are at the Emmys!’ and ‘We just won five!’ It was incredible to see.”

She adds, “I cannot believe that we actually took home five. Like, that’s crazy.”

Apart from the industry recognition, a major joy for White is seeing young fans — especially fans of color — taking to her character, Lunella Lafeyette, who moonlights as Moon Girl.

“I actually ran into this girl at … the fair and she was wearing a Moon Girl T-shirt,” the actress says.

“I walked up to her and I was like, ‘I just want to introduce myself. I’m Diamond, and I voice her, and can I take a picture with you?’ Because, like, I’ve never seen this in real life.”

White adds, “And she had no idea that I was the voice, but she was freaking out after I told her. I was like, ‘Wow, we’re really making an impact.’ And it’s just, like, really beautiful to see.”

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