Austin Butler offers to be Drew Barrymore’s blind date “get out of here free” call

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for TIME

We can all use a friend like Austin Butler.

During an appearance with his Masters of the Air co-star Callum Turner on The Drew Barrymore Show airing Wednesday, Butler offers to be Drew’s “get out of here free” phone call for an upcoming blind date — her first in a long time.

In the preview clip posted on the hit chat show’s Insta, Barrymore goes to reveal that she’s meeting the guy for dinner, even though “everyone says when you go on a date with someone, don’t do the dinner, do a drink.”

“But I don’t know better,” she admits.

However, Butler disagrees, saying, “I like the dinner. Then you know if it doesn’t work. You get to actually talk.”

He assures her, “Yeah you’re gonna have a great time.”

Barrymore still has her doubts though, asking, “What if you get weird vibes right out of the gate, though? Then what?”

“Then run,” jokes Turner.

“Yeah,” Butler follows up. “You go to the bathroom and you call a friend and you have them give you a surprise call.”

“Please be my ‘get out of here free’ call,” she begs Butler, to which the Elvis Oscar nominee replies, “Yeah, just send me a text and I’ll call.”

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