The handmaid’s tale: Elisabeth Moss reveals she’s pregnant

Moss in ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ – Hulu/Elly Dassas

On Tuesday night’s installment of Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Handmaid’s Tale Emmy winner Elisabeth Moss revealed she’s pregnant with her first child.

To be fair, her very visible baby bump made the announcement before she did.

“So I feel like I need to ask you, are you pregnant, or are you just an incredibly committed Method actor?” Kimmel asked.

“A little bit of both,” Moss laughed.

Jimmy asked how she was feeling, and she replied, “Not bad, actually. I’ve been really lucky, it’s going really well.”

From the father of four — “five, if you count Guillermo,” Jimmy cracked of his sidekick — Moss wanted some advice about the impending big day.

Jimmy passed along advice Bill Murray had given Kimmel’s wife, Molly McNearney: bring Christmas lights to the delivery room. “Because the lighting is terrible in the room. It’s Walmart-style lighting for this blessed event that’s going to happen and you don’t want that,” he said.

Moss also admitted she “can’t wait to start” using her pregnancy — and her baby to be — to get out of social obligations. “It’s the best,” she enthused.

Kimmel also asked Moss about Handmaid’s, to which she revealed, “We are going back to shoot this summer … our final season.” She joked they last worked on the show “37 years ago.”

Moss continued, “People are really starting to get upset … especially when I tell them we haven’t even started shooting yet,” guessing the sixth season of the show will debut in 2025.

The actress said those fans will really get upset when they find out she “cheated on Handmaid’s Tale” with her new spy series The Veil, which debuts in April on Hulu.

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