Oscars promo is a ‘Barbie’ reunion as Ken screams over Greta Gerwig snub

ABC/Jeff Lipsky

Jimmy Kimmel reunited several Barbie cast members in a promo for the 96th annual Academy Awards.

In the clip that debuted during Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday night, Kate McKinnonAmerica FerreraRyan Gosling and Helen Mirren got together to promote the upcoming Oscars ceremony.

McKinnon reprised her role as Weird Barbie, taking Kimmel on a journey through the year’s nominees for Best Picture on their way to OscarsLand. The pair drove past “weirder Barbie” aka Emma Stone in Poor Things.

They also passed by the Oppenheimer set, where Kimmel took a shot at Matt Damon, in costume as Lt. Gen. Leslie Groves Jr., calling him “that poor, incredibly hideous, disgusting, ugly man.”

After Kimmel and Weird Barbie make it to OscarsLand, they run into Ferrera, who gives a variation on her speech from Barbie about how hard it is to be a woman.

“It’s literally impossible to host the Oscars,” Ferrera says. “You have to be extraordinary, but somehow you’re always doing it wrong. You have to make fun of people, but you can’t make too much fun of people. You have to give everybody enough time, but you can’t go long.”

The promo wouldn’t be complete with Gosling’s Ken, who pops up from the back seat of their car wearing his “I am Kenough” sweatshirt, holding a bag from In-N-Out. Kimmel tells Ken the trend is actually to get food from In-N-Out after the ceremony. Gosling recovers with this: “Good thing Greta [Gerwig] has got director in the bag.”

Ken then screams upon discovering Gerwig was not nominated for Best Director, prompting Mirren’s voice-over.

“Girls grow into women, but not all boys grow into men. Some remain hopelessly stuck in a loop of infantile foolishness,” Mirren says.

The 96th Oscars air March 10 on ABC.

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