Stephen and Robbie Amell talk Netflix sci-fi thriller ‘Code 8: Part II’


Netflix dropped the sequel to its dystopian sci-fi thriller Code 8, starring Arrow‘s Stephen Amell and his real-life cousin, Upload star Robbie Amell, on Tuesday.

The first film was born from a short, then crowdfunded to feature-length for the streamer in 2019. 

The film proposes an alternative world where super-powered people literally built this country’s infrastructure. After an industrial and technological revolution, however, their kind are pushed to the margins of society, with some, like Stephen’s Garrett, turning to crime. 

With his mother ailing and no way to afford medical treatment, Robbie’s electricity-controlling Connor joins in on a heist that goes wrong.

Stephen expressed to ABC Audio, “The people really took ownership of the first movie.”

He continues, “One of the news outlets that we did an interview for, the floor manager at the news outlet was a supporter of the first movie, and they popped her on the screen to say hi. So I do think that … if they supported the first movie, they still feel like they have ownership in the second movie.”

He hopes those early backers return to watch the sequel, “So then hopefully we can make a third.”

Robbie teases the plot to the sequel, set five years after the original. “Connor, my character, has been in prison and Stephen’s character, Garrett, has been growing a bit of an empire with some shady people.”

He continues, “The movie starts fast, though, and it kind of becomes a chase movie, and it almost starts to happen in real time. So I don’t want to give too much away, because once you’re in, you’re along for the ride.”  

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