Lindsay Lohan’s son watched ‘The Parent Trap’: “It was a really magical moment”


Lindsay Lohan says sharing a career throwback with her son was “magical.”

While on The Drew Barrymore Show on Thursday, the Mean Girls veteran talked about the moment that her young son, Luai, saw her in 1998’s The Parent Trap.

“I just wrapped a movie four days ago and I came home from work and my son was having — he was getting ready for dinner time and I opened the door and he was watching — The Parent Trap was on,” Lohan told Drew, drawing a warm reaction from the studio audience. “It was just on the TV.”

“I just started to cry cuz I’m like, he doesn’t even know that’s mommy yet,” she continued.

“And I was like, do I turn it off or do I just — and he was kind of just staring ’cause maybe my voice was still similar to how it was then so I was like maybe he knows like a little bit that it’s me ’cause it sounds like me,” Lohan said. “It was a really magical moment, I took tons of pictures of it,” she added.

And speaking of an older project, Barrymore said she’s “so excited” for Lohan’s anticipated sequel to Freaky Friday with Jamie Lee Curtis. “Will you be the mom this time?” Drew asked. “We’ll see,” Lohan smiled, and mimed zipping her lips.

For now, LiLo’s romantic film Irish Wish just dropped on Netflix.

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