Timothée Chalamet signs deal to produce films for Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. Pictures

After he helped deliver back-to-back blockbusters for the studio with Wonka and Dune: Part Two, Timothée Chalamet is staying in business with Warner Bros.

The Wrap is reporting the studio has signed a first-look deal with the 28-year-old actor; the arrangement allows Chalamet to bring projects to the studio to star in and/or produce.

Since its release on December 6, Wonka has made more than $632 million globally; the Dune sequel was released on March 1 and has generated more than $575 million worldwide to date.

In a statement to the trade, co-chairs and CEOs at Warner Bros. Motion Picture Group, Mike De Luca and Pam Abdy, said, “Over the last few years, we have admired not only Timothée’s commitment to his craft, which is evident in the range and depth of his varied roles, but also his unwavering dedication to give 100% of his time and attention to every project he has made here at Warner Bros. and elsewhere.”

The execs continued, “His collaboration on the campaigns for Dune and Wonka is something we all enjoyed immensely, and the results speak for themselves.” They said they “are thrilled Timothée has chosen our studio to be his creative home.”


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