Matt Damon, Ryan Gosling and Jon Hamm steal some of Kristen Wiig’s ‘SNL’ “Five-Timers” shine

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As is tradition, members of Saturday Night Live‘s Five-Timer’s Club, including Paul Rudd, wanted to welcome host Kristen Wiig to the fraternity on Saturday night.

But like people do with any exclusive club, some other names tried to sneak in.

“I’m really excited about getting my jacket tonight,” she enthused, explaining, “they don’t just hand the jackets off to anyone.”

But then Matt Damon popped up from the audience wearing one of those Five-Timers smoking jackets, insisting, “Lorne [Michaels] said the first time I hosted was so good, it accounted for three — and then second time not quite as good that only counted for two. But by my math, that’s five, baby.”

He got an extra jacket for spoofing then Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh. “I’ll give it to one of my kids,” he dismissed the honor.

Then, Jon Hamm, Will Forte and Fred Armisen showed up, all wearing smoking jackets they actually didn’t earn. “Together we’ve hosted five times,” Forte insisted.

Hamm pleaded with Michaels for his fourth turn as host, while Martin Short, also coming up short in numbers, complained to Lorne that he hasn’t hosted since 2012.

Afterward, Wiig made her peace with sharing the shared honor with a heartfelt song about it — only to be interrupted by the sight of Michaels watching Ryan Gosling try his own jacket on.

“Are you sure?” the Barbie star asked Michaels. “I mean I haven’t even hosted three times yet!” Lorne waved off his protests.

Gosling actually hosts the show for a third time Saturday, April 13, with musical guest Chris Stapleton.

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