Harry Styles, in a dog costume, guest-stars in new Jenny Lewis video


Harry Styles is a gracious host: Not only did he invite singer/songwriter Jenny Lewis to open for him on tour, he also made a cameo appearance in her new video.

The video is for Jenny’s song “Puppy and a Truck.” As she sings the song, we see her in bed, on her tour bus, on a beach, onstage and backstage. In many scenes her real-life puppy is with her, but there’s also a figure dressed in a dog costume hanging around. At one point, Jenny and the person in the dog costume skip down the beach together.

At the very end of the clip, the dog removes his head and — ta-dah! It’s Harry! He grins and makes peace signs to the camera as the video ends.

In a statement, Jenny says the experience of opening for Harry and meeting his “loving audience” “after such a long period of isolation … brought me back to life.”

Of course, Harry is no stranger to wearing a dog costume: In his 2020 Vogue cover story, his sister, Gemma, revealed, “Harry … had a little dalmatian-dog outfit, a hand-me-down from our closest family friends. He would just spend an inordinate amount of time wearing that outfit.” 

To celebrate Harry’s birthday in 2021, his mom, Anne Twist, posted an adorable picture of little Harry wearing a black-and-white spotted dog costume and confirmed to a fan that it was the dog outfit that Gemma had referred to.

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