Ed Sheeran confirms new single “Eyes Closed” drops later this month

Atlantic Records

Ed Sheeran is ready to embark on his next music era and fans won’t have to wait too much longer to hear what it sounds like.

Ed began teasing his new music on Wednesday by posting a melody to his TikTok and sharing some written song lyrics on his Instagram. He combined the two on Thursday morning to announce his next single, which is titled “Eyes Closed.” 

The song arrives Friday, March 24.

Ed previewed a clip on his TikTok, which is spliced into three parts. Two videos are of Ed playing the guitar, while a third features him singing.

“I’m dancing with my eyes closed/ Everywhere I look I still see you/ Time is moving so slow/ And I don’t know what else I can do/ So I’ll keep dancing with my eyes closed,” he sings.

Ed also previewed the song on his Instagram, and while he sang the same lyrics, he played the piano instead of the guitar.

His new album, -, pronounced Subtract, is due out May 5.

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