Calvin Harris releases Ellie Goulding collab “Miracle”

Courtesy Sony Music UK

Calvin Harris released his hotly anticipated Ellie Goulding collab “Miracle” on Friday and says the song is “the best vocal I’ve heard in years on a dance song.”

The DJ chatted with Apple Music 1’s Zane Lowe about his new offering and explained why he loves working with Ellie; they also collaborated on 2012’s “I Need Your Love” and 2014’s “Outside.”

Harris says he will give Ellie a song and “she does it in an hour, two hours. She knocks it out the park, then goes home. And I’m just like, ‘Well, that was obviously very easy for you.'”

As for “Miracle,” the artist raved, “It’s like absolute gold, the best vocal I’ve heard in years … on a dance song.”

“One of my likes is an Ellie Goulding angelic vocal. One of a kind. You’re not going to get this from anyone else,” he continued. “Ellie can do a lot of different things; for me, this is my absolute favorite thing that she does, and only she can do it, in my opinion.”

He also revealed how the uptempo sound of “Miracle” pushed him out of his comfort zone. “I’ve never done it before. I’ve done the, I’ve done the trancey sounding things before, but I’ve never been this fast,” he said. 

That said, what is Harris planning on next in his music career? He said, “I think it’s probably a bunch of dance music. I don’t want to do loads and loads. I want everything to exist for a reason, which, I mean, has been my kind of thing for the last decade or something.”

“I want [my music] to be things that I’m going to want to play on and on and just be proud of,” he added.

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